Teftek® Encapsulated Ultraseal™

Teftek® Encapsulated Ultraseal™

Teftek® is Coating Center's encapsulation material made of a modified copolymer of tetrafluoroethylene (TFE) and another polymer, which is resistant to virtually all chemicals and has far superior tensile strength, abrasion and creep resistance than PTFE, FEP or PFA. The temperature range of Teftek®/silicone Ultraseal™ is -60°C to +160°C. The lower temperature limit of -60°C is determined by the silicone core. Teftek® will only start showing signs of low temperature embrittlement at -100°C.

Teftek® Ultraseal™ Performance benefits:

  • Endless and seamless encapsulation
  • Advanced, superior and unique performance material grades of Teftek® Encapsulation and silicone core
  • Cross section 14x12mm
  • Available for DN 500 and DN 300 tank lids
  • Chemically inert
  • FDA compliant
  • Easy to install
  • Fits 98% of all tank container tank lids
  • Truly universal tank lid seal
  • Proven, market leading in-service reliability

Service capabilities:
Pressure: Gastight up to 5 Bar (72psi)
Temperature: -60°C up to +160° C (-76°F up to +320°F)
Media: Teftek® is inert to almost all chemicals, with the exception of some alkali metals (molten or in solution) and by some rare fluorinated compounds at high temperatures and pressures


All performance information is for guidance only and dependent on application and operating conditions.


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