PTFE Valve Seats for Butterfly Valves

PTFE Valve Seats for Butterfly Valves

Tank containers are fitted with an increasing number of different designs of valves, even from the same manufacturer. Coating Center works closely with end-users and is committed to keeping stock of a large selection of machined PTFE valves seats, designed to seamlessly function in every valve type from any maker.

Our extensive experience in CNC machining and Fluoropolymers assures close tolerance machining. This guarantees that the valve seats will fit and seal in whatever climate the seals are used.

We inspect production batches by electronic imaging and specify the highest quality raw materials. We can offer valve seats in filled and modified PTFE’s and application specific engineering of valve seats, also combining Stainless steel with Fluoropolymers or FEP Encapsulated O-Rings in valve seat designs.



All performance information is for guidance only and dependent on application and operating conditions.

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