PTFE Braided Tank Lid Seals

PTFE Braided Tank Lid Seals

Our PTFE braided tank lid seals are manufactured from Acrylic fibre yarns, braided into a dense yet flexible Packing. The Packing is impregnated with a special PTFE emulsion, which after final processing does not release any grease or particles once installed and compressed. We offer 14x14mm and 15x10mm cross section lengths, which are ready to be fitted to the vast majority of DN500 tank lids, without the need for cutting. The PTFE braided tank lid seals are pre-cut to an exactly determined length with 2, 45° ends.



Tanktec® PTFE tank lid packing is designed for sealing tank lids, main hatches, Butterworth hatches, inspection hatches on board chemical and product tankers and tank lids on tank containers, road tankers and rail tank cars carrying all known bulk liquids in all IMO classes.


All performance information is for guidance only and dependent on application and operating conditions.

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