PTFE & EPDM Tank Lid Seals

PTFE & EPDM Tank Lid Seals

Our PTFE/EPDM tank lid seals are manufactured with a unique one piece PTFE Envelope, bonded to an EPDM rubber core, where other’s offer a welded PTFE Envelope. The PTFE Envelope reaches the outside diameter of the tank lid seal, where others offer seals with exposed rubber on the outside diameter. We offer 14x12mm cross section seals, which fit all DN500 tank lids and 14x14mm cross section seals, which fit all DN300 tank lids.

PTFE Marine Tank Lid Packing
TankTec® PTFE Marine tank lid packing has a multi-layer construction, which assures excellent conformability to the packing recess, compression and resilience properties, ensuring reliable, gas-tight sealing performance every time the tank hatch/lid is closed and tightened.

Tanktec® PTFE Marine tank lid packing has a resilient EPDM rubber core. This EPDM core is wrapped with layers of a special selected PTFE tape. Successive jackets of inert polypropylene yarn are then braided around this core with braided yarns in each corner to build up to the required cross-section size and to assure the packing will settle correctly in the recess once installed. The braided structure is then spirally wrapped with several layers of the special selected PTFE tape to form an impermeable barrier to liquids and gases. The final layer is densely braided from durable, abrasion resistant glass fibre reinforced PTFE yarn to protect the packing during opening and closing cycles as well as tank-cleaning operations.

Tanktec® PTFE Marine tank lid packing is designed for sealing tank lids, main hatches, Butterworth hatches, inspection hatches on board chemical and product tankers and tank lids on tank containers, road tankers and rail tank cars carrying all known bulk liquids in all IMO classes

Service capabilities:
Temperature range: -50°C up to +120°C
Maximum pressure: up to 100 kPa.*
Chemical Compatibility: chemically inert to products in the range pH 0-14

Availability: Any square or rectangular cross-sections from 10mm upwards, supplied in length form or as endless rings to fit specific tank lid recess dimensions.


All performance information is for guidance only and dependent on application and operating conditions.

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