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Founded in 2003, Coating Center is a technology-driven business that has over a decade of experience in the coatings and sealing industry.

The company originally focussed on, and had great success with, physically resistant material coatings for the food industry – these include Chrome Carbide, Tungsten Carbide and Titanium Carbide for where extremely hard and dense coatings with almost nil porosity are required, to the exacting standards required in critical applications.

Success in this market naturally progressed and different types of coatings were developed outside the range of the physically resistant materials, primarily being chemically resistant coatings for arduous applications. After servicing the chemical industries with coatings products for a number of years, Coating Center increased their portfolio of solutions by developing a range of products machined from chemically resistant materials, primarily PTFE.

Constant innovation and diversification has resulted in a wide range of high quality products. This, coupled with extensive industry experience, has given Coating Center a significant competitive advantage to service the market. Coating Center have developed a full range of specifically designed, innovative and advantageous products that are ideally suited to the Tank Seal and Gasket market. This innovative product range is the result of over ten years research, development and application of our expertise. The natural product progression, constant innovation and knowledge development has resulted in a market leading product line, at an extremely competitive cost.

In addition to excellent product quality and value, Coating Center is totally committed to providing exceptional customer service. This is achieved by our customer-focused ethos, wide product range and extensive inventory – everything is geared around providing absolute reliability and assurance to our customers.This approach has enabled Coating Center to become a key supplier to some of the major companies in the sealing industry, in addition to working with Original Equipment manufacturers to develop reliable solutions for their applications. We are trusted partners with some of the industry leaders, giving you the reassurance that Coating Center will deliver on our promises.

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